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GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations members enlighten you on the Mexican customs so that you can enjoy a Mexican vacation just as the locals do. This way the American tourists get to understand the cultural differences between their country and Mexico. The most notable difference between the Americans and Mexicans is personal contact. Unlike the Americans who feel that intimate touching is reserved only after you get to know the individual personally, Mexicans are quite a comfortable touching and communicating with each other even on their first visit. Moreover, pulling away from physical interactions can be perceived as rude as even when not touching a little physical distance between people in a conversation is maintained.

GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations members say that eye contact is also read differently in Mexico, it is considered a sign of respect to avoid direct eye contact with a person you are directly conversing with. Instead of using eye communicate with the Mexicans make psst psst sound to get others attention. Though this behavior may be considered quite rude in other cultures it sure is completely acceptable to Mexican destinations.

GlobeQuest Travel Club advise tourists to be careful where they place their hands while conversing with the local Mexicans. Resting your hands on your hips suggests aggressiveness and keeping your hands in your pockets is also considered impolite, so you need to be careful where you place your hands while communicating with the local Mexicans.

GlobeQuest Travel Club says that even when giving flowers as gifts you should be careful as different colored flowers portray a different meaning in Mexico, then they do in the United States. Yellow flowers symbolize friendship and happiness in the United States but they suggest death in Mexico so it is best that you understand these basic facts to make your Mexican holiday experience as fun loving as can be. According to Mexican folklore, red and white flowers suggest casting of spells and lifting of spells respectively. Another important thing that tourist is holidaying in Mexico should be careful about is to avoid giving Mexicans silver plated gifts as items of this nature are associated with tourists trinkets and have a very little intrinsic value in the eye of the Mexican locals.

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