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GlobeQuest Travel Club has compiled a list of the best beaches and the most fun activities for tourists traveling to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Known as “Land’s End,” Cabo has very diverse opportunities for everyone to experience Mexico in their special way. If you are going there purely to relax there are a multitude of beaches and spas waiting to assist in your relaxation. Many of the more significant hotels and resorts each have a spa on location that offer a wide range of services, including massages, facials, and full body wraps. However, most of these sanctuaries are also open to the public, so you do not have to be staying at their property to book a massage or facial.

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Hot stone massage is the best therapy for body and soul


From the elite and the expense to the moderate priced yet clean, GlobeQuest Travel Club believes the spas in Cabo offer something to fit everyone’s budget. There are many wellness, beauty and relaxation establishments open year-round that offer prices ranging from thirty dollars to one hundred and eighty dollars for a message depending on where and the length of time you are booking. At most every spa you can choose from Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports or Aromatherapy, and many establishments also offer many other services including reflexology and hot stone massages among many other options including facials.

Enjoying great view and sun by GlobeQuest Travel Club

Enjoying great view and sun

If you find that you have spent too much time in the sun either through fishing, golfing or just hanging by the pool or beach GlobeQuest Travel Club recommends something offered by most spas in Cabo which is the full body aloe vera wrap. While the process itself can take between sixty to eighty minutes, it alleviates the sting of sunburn and can make the difference between enjoying the rest of your vacation or having to hide uncomfortably from the sun for the rest of your trip.

Romantic sunset at beach by GlobeQuest Travel Club

Romantic sunset at beach

No matter which type of services you choose to try, Cabo has an abundance of spas that are ready to assist you in your pursuit of relaxation. Many of these establishments also offer a multitude of other beauty-related services such as manicures, pedicures, and waxing and generally when you book a service, you are also allowed to stay and relax in the spa’s sauna and steam rooms as a bonus.

For many reasons, GlobeQuest Travel Club highly recommends Cabo San Lucas as one of the best relaxation destinations in all of Mexico. Plus, once you have filled your day relaxing on the beach and rejuvenating your body at the spa, a town full of exciting clubs and fabulous restaurants await to entertain you all night. Check out our Facebook page.

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