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GLOBEQUEST Travel Club Offers New Style of Timeshare. GlobeQuest Travel Club provides upscale Timeshare solutions to its discerning members with the most innovative and flexible membership on the market today. Timeshare began as an option for people to vacation during the same week and in the same unit each year. Today, members can plan vacations to their favorite destination each year, or travel the world with ease through the easy-to-use online exclusive member platform. GlobeQuest Travel Club was developed in 1985 by Grupo Questro, and since its inception has severed as a global leader in vacation fulfillment. GlobeQuest Travel Club was designed with the member’s interests in mind and adding benefits which appeal to the modern traveler. From discounts on both cruise and resort vacations which are unavailable to the general public and leading customer service.

The mission of GlobeQuest is to provide the best vacation experience to its thousands of members throughout the world. From planning a vacation to having fun at a member resort, every step can be planned with ease and enjoyed as a GlobeQuest Travel Club member! So why is GlobeQuest Travel Club considered the timeshare gold standard? Globequest Travel Club offers a club based enhanced timeshare like no other. Imagine using your timeshare anywhere in the world and experiencing multiple vacations like never before. We understand that life can be short and our members deserve the best and this is what GlobeQuest Travel Club offers with this new approach to old-fashioned Timeshare.

Timeshare was developed in Europe back in the 60’s. Most Europeans receive one month off each year, and many found that owning a villa or condo would be a waste, as it would be empty for 90% of the time. The owner is faced with ongoing maintenance and other issues when they only use it 10% of the time. So the concept of splitting a condo into multiple owners became known as timeshare. GlobeQuest Travel Club offers a new spin on timeshare, which has been enhanced to meet today’s modern needs.

Who Chooses GlobeQuest Travel Club and Why?

People love to travel! Traveling however, can be costly. GlobeQuest can help take the expense down to a minimum, by offering luxury resorts in the best locations, for a fraction of the retail price. Imagine traveling with three children and staying in a cramped hotel. It is not as enjoyable having to eat out at restaurants three times per day. The beauty of vacation ownership is that the resorts are luxurious, to begin with, but offer full kitchens. This added benefit allows you to make meals as you need to. The amount of money people save with there timeshare can be staggering. Also, many people have strict diets and food allergies, therefore a kitchen can make it extra easy to prepare snacks in your suite.

GlobeQuest vacation ownership is an experience and more. When you look at cheap, all-inclusive options, do you want the spirits that are not what you would drink at home? This is your vacation your time to sit back and enjoy life as it was meant to. Many of our members choose to stop at Costco or some large stores and stock up and enjoy living in luxury for a week. The only regret most members have is that a week goes by way too fast. There are several members who own multiple weeks and call our resorts their home away from home.

GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations Helps You Make The Most Of Your Holiday Experience

GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations Helps You Make The Most Of Your Holiday Experience

GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations members enlighten you on the Mexican customs so that you can enjoy a Mexican vacation just as the locals do. This way the American tourists get to understand the cultural differences between their country and Mexico. The most notable difference between the Americans and Mexicans is personal contact. Unlike the Americans who feel that intimate touching is reserved only after you get to know the individual personally, Mexicans are quite a comfortable touching and communicating with each other even on their first visit. Moreover, pulling away from physical interactions can be perceived as rude as even when not touching a little physical distance between people in a conversation is maintained.

GlobeQuest Travel Club Vacations members say that eye contact is also read differently in Mexico, it is considered a sign of respect to avoid direct eye contact with a person you are directly conversing with. Instead of using eye communicate with the Mexicans make psst psst sound to get others attention. Though this behavior may be considered quite rude in other cultures it sure is completely acceptable to Mexican destinations.

GlobeQuest Travel Club advise tourists to be careful where they place their hands while conversing with the local Mexicans. Resting your hands on your hips suggests aggressiveness and keeping your hands in your pockets is also considered impolite, so you need to be careful where you place your hands while communicating with the local Mexicans.

GlobeQuest Travel Club says that even when giving flowers as gifts you should be careful as different colored flowers portray a different meaning in Mexico, then they do in the United States. Yellow flowers symbolize friendship and happiness in the United States but they suggest death in Mexico so it is best that you understand these basic facts to make your Mexican holiday experience as fun loving as can be. According to Mexican folklore, red and white flowers suggest casting of spells and lifting of spells respectively. Another important thing that tourist is holidaying in Mexico should be careful about is to avoid giving Mexicans silver plated gifts as items of this nature are associated with tourists trinkets and have a very little intrinsic value in the eye of the Mexican locals.

GlobeQuest Travel Club

Our talented and devoted staff will stop at nothing to make your dreams come true. If a particular themed vacation is what you want we will make it happen.

We will take care of you at arrival so your vacation can begin friction free. We make your dreams reality. Life is short… travel more the GlobeQuest way we have you covered. Travel more and enjoy life to the fullest. You will soon see why we are the choice of many.

What's Globe Quest?

Everyone deserves the chance to plan and execute unforgettable vacations each and every time that they set out on a trip. Travel your way!

GlobeQuest Travel Club

GlobeQuest Travel Club offers the most upscale luxury. That has been redefined to maximize your vacation experience Members feel this a better way spend your hard earned vacation dollars.

With our membership, you can enjoy luxury condos and also take that dream cruise you always wanted. Life is short don’t let money stop you from enjoying the finer things in life.

Travel with GlobeQuest once, and you see why we are the frontrunner in club travel. Our locations of resorts are situated in the best areas, and you will find with GlobeQuest you can always enjoy the best of times.

Cabo San Lucas is one of our premier vacations destinations

Cabo should not be missed if it’s not in your bucket list, make sure the Cabo is. It offers the best fishing in the world with some of the finest nightlife and scenery that is second to none. Let GlobeQuest book your next trip to Cabo.

Offering real-time tailormade vacations, to suit your needs. Through our site, you receive unlimited access all our vacation experiences and more. Our memberships are designed to give the member the best of times on a Globequest vacation than ever before.

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The World is Yours

The World is Yours
Enjoy a lifestyle that will get you the best vacation experiences in the most luxurious condos. Travel will never be easier. When you become a member of Globequest Travel club. The world will be yours for the taking. Travel to places that you always dreamed of. Our dedicated team will help make that dream come alive. We want you to enjoy the best of times.

GlobeQuest Travel Club
GlobeQuest Travel Club - Smart New Way to Maximize your Vacation
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GlobeQuest Travel Club - Smart New Way to Maximize your Vacation
GlobeQuest Travel Club has unbeatable customer service and discounts that ensure the fullest and the best vacation experience
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